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My October Worthy Characters of The Month

Well here we are on Halloween Morning. I hope everyone has a nice fun time. 

It has taken me most of the month to try and figure out WHO exactly I think is worthy to be my October Characters of the month. Since this is my favorite month it took serious consideration. 

Now I’m honestly not much of a scary movies person. I like my Horror, but I have my limits. So here listed below is who from horror, from fantasy horror and from just plain weird, I dub the Worthy. I don’t care if you agree.

Robert Englund

Joss Whedon

Tim Burton 

George Romero

Yes, all men, because I really haven’t found any woman that truly scare me. Or write things that scare me. 

If you don’t know who Robert Englund is, I’m sorry. If you are asking why Joss Whedon is in here at number 2, then you’ve never seen the Buffy Halloween episodes. Tim Burton should be obvious. I actually just finished watching Sleepy Hollow. And if for any reason you are scratching your head about that last name; I DEMAND YOU GO OUT AND GET EDUCATED. George Romero is literally dubbed the King of Zombies. 

So there you have it on, Halloween Day, my 4 worthy candidates for October. 

Oh and just a note, if you are one for superstition. NEVER- EVER watch Trick ‘r Treat at night or on Halloween.