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Its more a February series of the month. 

The Walking Dead. It returned this month and if you’ve been watching you may, like me be putting in the code at the end of the episodes in order to try to win those bloody tickets. 

I am a zombie movie/tv show freak. I love them. I was one of those freaks that wanted zombies to be the end of the world. Then I sobered, realized I would prefer the “Day After Tomorrow” result and opted out of thee fan club. Zombies are cool to see on the big screen. You’ll hear more zombies in september when Resident Evil comes out. but I honestly believe that zombies are not the option that I would choose for the end of the world. 

Now I love the Walking Dead, simply because it’s not some super-powered hottie running around in tight clothes shooting zombies. I like walking dead for the actual real, terrifying effect of the never ending nightmare. An average man goes into a coma and wakes up to find nothing the way they left it. THAT right there is scary. Who as a little kid or even an adult was afraid everything would change overnight. Not zombies but something else equally as terrifying. say V’s world. where you live and breathe what the government allows you. Yikes…

Okay so my favorite characters are Glenn and Daryl. I HATE Shane, I’m not a fan of Andrea or Lori, Dale is kinda cool. I think for me I like Rick he’s okay and taking the end of the world extremely well. I don’t know any Shane fans, which works for me. He’s a danger to the group. A loose cannon like that could get them all hurt. Sophia was annoying, Carl is a cutie but I’m undecided about him. Hershal is interesting and Maggie has become more likable. T-dog is okay but kinda fading into the background, which stinks, Carol is … (i have no idea) I hope they don’t try to make anything of her and Daryl. I don’t like that idea. 

So if your watching The Walking Dead, good luck on getting the tickets, I’m one of your competitors, and hopefully your Sunday’s are more enjoyable. 

till next month. 


My October Worthy Characters of The Month

Well here we are on Halloween Morning. I hope everyone has a nice fun time. 

It has taken me most of the month to try and figure out WHO exactly I think is worthy to be my October Characters of the month. Since this is my favorite month it took serious consideration. 

Now I’m honestly not much of a scary movies person. I like my Horror, but I have my limits. So here listed below is who from horror, from fantasy horror and from just plain weird, I dub the Worthy. I don’t care if you agree.

Robert Englund

Joss Whedon

Tim Burton 

George Romero

Yes, all men, because I really haven’t found any woman that truly scare me. Or write things that scare me. 

If you don’t know who Robert Englund is, I’m sorry. If you are asking why Joss Whedon is in here at number 2, then you’ve never seen the Buffy Halloween episodes. Tim Burton should be obvious. I actually just finished watching Sleepy Hollow. And if for any reason you are scratching your head about that last name; I DEMAND YOU GO OUT AND GET EDUCATED. George Romero is literally dubbed the King of Zombies. 

So there you have it on, Halloween Day, my 4 worthy candidates for October. 

Oh and just a note, if you are one for superstition. NEVER- EVER watch Trick ‘r Treat at night or on Halloween.